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Alcohol Production Plant

Viñaoliva’s distillery was only opened recently (2009) and as such it is another plank in the policy of diversifying and consolidating activites that was initiated by the co-operative at the end of the nineties.

Only raw materials from the member co-operatives are used. Viñaoliva also provides these members with services to process products and sub-products from the wine-making process.

A closely-controlled production process enables Viñaoliva to offer its customers the following products:

· Aguardientes. They are the result of the distillation of selecte wines and have an alcohol content of between 77% and 80% vol. They are suitable for the production of high-quality drinks.

· Neutral alcohols. They are obtained from the distillation and rectifying of wines and subproducts from wine-making. They are over 96% and are used to make spirits.

· Distilled products originating from wine. They are obtained by distilling only subproducts from the winemaking process.

· Calcium tartrate. This is obtained from the precipitation of the natural tartrate that exists in grape mash and lees. We produce high-quality tartrate due to its concentration, over 50% A.T., and thanks to the size of the granules.

· Grape pips. These are obtained via the separating and drying at low temperatures of the grape mash. The product’s qualities are thus kept intact and it is used from the production of oil.

· Biomass. This product is obtained via the separating, drying and selection of the grape mass. It is used as fuel for specific boilers (less than 10% humidity)

· Raw compost. This product is the result of the rycling of the wine-making waste that is generated at the plant. It is used as compost for growing crops that require organic material.


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