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Must Concentrate Plant

With the aim of diversifying operations, the grape must concentrate plant was opened in 2003-4.

It’s the only plant of its type in Extremadura,and uses as its raw materials 30,000,000ml of sulphurized must from the 15 co-operatives that are members of this section. Viñaoliva ensures that they meet the technical specifications that are required by Viñaoliva when making high-quality musts for customers. Viñaoliva can thus offer the following range of products from the grape must concentrate plant:

· Concentrated grape juice.

· Concentrated grape must.

· Sulphurised grape must.

The difference between the first two products doesn’t depend on the production process. Instead, it hinges on the final use of the product. If this is to be used to make wine,it’s classified as must. If it is to be used for juices, it’s classified as grape juice. The sulphurised must can be used for either purpose.

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