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Viñaoliva is a second tier co-operative that was founded in Almendralejo in 1998. It’s made up of 25 first-tier co-operatives. Viñaoliva makes and sells products that are the result of the conscientious and professional work of 8,300 families of farmers who grow olives and grapes on over 78,000 hectares of land..

The co-operatives’ 15 wineries, 9 olive oil mills and 12 table-olive processing plants provide Viñaoliva with a whole host of production facilities, which it also complements with its own experimental winery and bottling line, an olive oil mill and bottling line, a grape must concentrate plant, a distillery and two laboratories that possess cutting-edge technology. All this can be found at Viñaoliva’s headquarters In Almendralejo, in the heart of the Tierra de Barros district.

These premises enable Viñaoliva to offer made-to-measure bottled products and also in bulk. We would like to invite you to find out more about our work by visiting the different sections that can be found on this website.

VIÑAOLIVA SOCIEDAD COOPERATIVA - C/ Automoción, 1 - Aptdo. 149 - 06200 Almendralejo (Badajoz) Tel: +34 924 677321 - Fax: +34 924 660989 - info@vinaoliva.com